When you remodel and finish the basement of your home, it can add to the square footage of your house. If you are looking for basement finishing ideas, the first thing you should do is get in touch with experts who offer remodeling, renovating, and painting services. It would help to consider several aspects when finishing your basement. For example, you need to consider the type of insulation, the energy expenses, and the storage space you will get. Thus, remodeling and finishing your basement can prove to be quite complex. Here is all you need to know about finishing the basement of your home.

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What is the proper way to finish a basement?

The first thing that you need to do when you are planning to finish your home’s basement is to hire a contractor who will help you with all aspects of the construction. The primary reason for this is the basement of a house is associated with the pillars and the integrity of the entire construction. You must make changes to the basement to maintain the integrity of the construction itself. Hence, it is essential that you take the help of an expert and then make the changes to the basement. When you hire experts, they will guide you regarding the proper way to finish a basement and here are some of the critical steps that they will follow:

  • Acquire the necessary permits: You will need to get permits from the local authorities to make the necessary changes to the basement of your home. For instance, if you change the electrical wiring inside the basement, you must apply for essential electrical permits. The same applies to the water lines and the change in the plumbing line. If you plan to install a bathroom in the basement, you must apply for the necessary permits to change the plumbing lines and sewerage lines. You must have the required documentation ready to apply for the licenses. When you hire a reputed contractor, he will give you suitable basement finishing ideas and prepare the documents to apply for the permits. If you do not have the permits ready, you will have to pay fines later, and you might even have to pay more because of the changes you have made to the basement. Therefore, you get the necessary permits and start working on the basement.
  • Installation of the drywall to counter the dampness: A basement will be damper compared to the rest of the rooms in your home. The primary reason for this is that a basement is below the ground and forms a part of your home’s foundation. Hence, when you are finishing the basement, you need to check the dampness of the basement before you start building the drywall. Moreover, the drywall is designed to counter the dampness of the basement. The first step is to waterproof your basement and then make the drywall. If you want to convert the basement into suitable living quarters or set up a library, you first need to use a dehumidifier or a sump pump to counter the dampness. After that, you can start building the drywall to completely dry the entire space. Waterproofing the basement is the most essential part of remodeling or renovating it.
  • Installing the items, you want to be placed in the basement: Once you have managed to take care of the dampness and installed the drywall, you can plan on the interior and the basement design. You must install everything in the basement, starting from the wall, insulation, ceiling, and utilities. Here you need to discuss with the contractor about the interior and the design of the basement. When you hire a basement finishing contractor near Columbia, MD, he will tell you the type of walls and ceilings you can install here. For instance, the wall in a basement must be framed appropriately so that the bottom plate and the wall are aligned precisely at a ninety-degree angle. This is essential to ensure the walls are fitted perfectly on the floor. Similarly, you need to check the wiring and utilities that you need to be installed in the basement. Once these are decided, you can proceed with installing these items.

The basement is unlike other rooms in your home. The primary reason is that you need to take extra precautions with the basement insulations, wirings, and plumbing. Here you will find that most of the work must be done inside the walls; for that, you need certified personnel. Installation of the electric lines, plumbing lines, and air ducts must be done inside the walls, making it essential for you to hire experts. Hence, you must hire a basement finishing contractor near Columbia, MD, if you plan to change your basement’s interiors to make it more livable.

Is finishing the basement worth it?

If you are looking for a way to increase the square footage of your home and add to the overall valuation of your home, one of the ways to do it would be to finish your basement. If you have purchased a house with a basement, you will find that several aspects make it one of the unfinished sections of your home. When you finish the basement, you will find that you gain the following benefits:

  • Once the basement is completed, which means you have added the necessary electrical wiring, plumbing, and utilities, you have added a livable area to your home. Adding a habitable space to your home means you have increased the square footage available.
  • When you increase the square footage available in your home, you are essentially increasing the valuation of your home. You will find that this increases the resale value of your home. If you plan to sell your home in the future, you will find that a house with a finished basement sells at a higher price than one with an unfinished one. Hence, completing the basement is also a good idea for the future.
  • Completing the basement in your home can be a recreational space for your children. You can convert the finished basement into a play area for your children, and they can spend time in it with their friends. This can be a practical solution as it will mean your children will be comfortable, enjoy their privacy, and not dirty your home!
  • Adding an extra livable space can be helpful when you have guests over. You can set up beds in the basement, and you do not have to worry about the space. Moreover, as the basement will have heating and cooling like any other room in your house, you will not have to worry about the comfort of your guests. They can stay in the basement comfortably.

Thus, completing the basement can be an excellent investment in the long run. Many homeowners finish their basements and convert these into workspaces, gyms, and spaces from where they can work remotely. Once a basement is complete, you can convert it into any area you think suits your lifestyle.

What is the most expensive part of finishing a basement?

When you finish the basement in your home, you must consider the basement finishing cost. It would help to evaluate the floor and the wall while doing the basement in your home. The floor is the most expensive part of a basement, and the flooring expense is usually higher than any other part of the room.

If you are thinking about the dampness in your basement and wondering about the expenses you will incur, this will depend on the extent of dampness you are dealing with. For instance, if the issue is simple enough, you can manage it with a dehumidifier, and the cost can range from $200 to $600. However, if the problem is severe, then the cost of removing the dampness can range from $1900 to $6400. Nevertheless, this remains less than the flooring cost and setting of the basement walls.

As mentioned earlier, the first step in renovating and finishing a basement is dehumidifying and managing the dampness. The next step will be to set up the drywall and the insulation. When you install the flooring in your basement, you must ensure that these are perfectly aligned with the walls. Hence, it is essential to ensure that floors and walls are selected simultaneously.

Once the walls and frames are selected, the installation can begin. You will find that flooring costs range from $1500 to $5500 per five hundred square feet. This is not inclusive of the labor charge. The labor charge is considered for finishing the entire basement, and this can range anywhere from $1000 to $2500 for smaller basements and can go up to $35000 for more extensive basements.

Thus, when evaluating the cost of the most expensive part of finishing a basement, you need to consider a few things. The floor is the most extensive part of a basement; the walls or partitions connect to the floor. Hence, the basement floor must be constructed perfectly, making it the most expensive part of the entire project.

What is the cheapest cost to finish a basement?

It would be best if you spared no expense when finishing your basement. You should use the best quality materials and hire the best basement finishing contractor near Baltimore, MD, to complete the basement. However, if you are working within a strict budget, there are certain places where you can compromise and reduce your expenses.

For example, if you plan to install a bathroom in your basement, consider the utilities you can install there. Instead of going for an expensive bathroom vanity, you can select basic bathroom fittings that will make the bathroom practical and, at the same time, reduce the expenses.

The ceiling material is the other part of the project where your cost can be reduced. If you select a simple ceiling with basic materials, you can reduce the cost to nearly $5 to $8 per square foot. However, this price can increase if you opt for specialized materials such as a soundproof ceiling or a specially insulated ceiling. The cheapest part of a basement can be your ceiling, but it depends on the materials you select to build it.

What essential factors must you consider when you finish your basement?

If your home has a finished basement, it will improve your property’s overall value. Therefore, when you plan on finishing your basement, you need to keep in mind the following factors:

  • It is essential to fix a budget and proceed with the project. However, when you set the budget, it is crucial to consider your basement’s size and the changes you want to make. The more extensive your basement and the higher the number of utilities you add will be your budget.
  • When you are selecting the utilities, you must keep in mind the use of the basement. For instance, if you want to convert the basement into a workspace or a guest bedroom then you must install a bathroom with suitable utilities. Thus, designing the interior of the basement is essential.
  • When you think of a finished basement, you must consider painting it. Painting your basement will depend on the room’s interior; damp-proof paints are also vital.

Thus, remodeling your basement is a complete renovation project that you must undertake only with the help of experts. You need to hire contractors to help you with the demolition and the reconstruction. Finally, they will help you evaluate the best way to install suitable flooring, walls, and ceilings to give it a complete look.

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