If you plan to do exterior house painting, selecting a suitable time to ensure that the color stays for a more extended period is essential. Repainting of exterior walls cannot be done during the dead of winter! You cannot repaint your exterior walls when it is snowing or raining outside. When you hire experts to do house repainting, they will tell you that it is best to repaint the exterior walls when it is warm out. The paint dries faster, and you can achieve the desired effect. Here is everything you need to know about the best time to paint the house exterior.

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When should you not paint the outside of the house?

When should you not paint the outside of the house?

The first that you should do when you think about painting the exterior of your home is to check the weather conditions. You do not want rain pouring down when the paint is still curing. It can ultimately damage your efforts, and you will find that the color is pouring down the walls in streaks. The total effect of the paint is lost, and it will look terrible. Hence, these are the factors that you should remember about times when you should not paint the exterior of your house:

  • Rainy season: According to experts associated with a company that does exterior painting near Columbia, MD, you should avoid getting the outside of your house repainted from April to August. The primary reason is that these five months are Columbia’s rainy season. You will find that July is the wettest month of the year when the average rainfall can range from 3.5 to 4.0 inches. Nearly 11.4 days of the month, get rains throughout the day intermittently. Hence, unless it is necessary and the weather department says otherwise, you should avoid getting the exterior walls of your house getting repainted in July. There is always a 30% chance of the day that you select to repaint the outer walls of being a wet day.
  • Winter season: Like the rainy season, you should avoid painting the exterior of your house during the winter season. Columbia gets a significant amount of snowfall from November 18 to March 29. This means winter lasts for nearly 4.1 months in the region. Here you can get almost one inch of snowfall on average, making it challenging to repaint the outside walls of a house. You cannot paint the exterior walls of a house when you have now slid off the roof. Thus, it is best to wait out the winter season and start the painting project when Spring sets in.

Another factor that you should consider about not repainting your home is the cloud cover. Hot, dry weather outside would be best, so the paint dries fast. A cloud cover can prove to be detrimental when you are painting the exterior walls of your home. When you hire an exterior painting company near Columbia, MD, they will tell you that it remains overcast and cloudy in November and January. Hence, even if you plan to begin repainting your home in the Fall, you must finish it before winter. This will ensure that you get clear skies for the paint to dry. Once winter sets in from the beginning of November, the sky will become overcast, and you will find it challenging to dry the paint.

What months are best for exterior painting?

Once you have evaluated the best time to avoid getting your exterior walls repainted, it will become easier to understand the best time to get them painted. It would help if you planned on repainting the exterior walls of your home when the weather is hot and dry. It is also necessary to ensure that there is the least amount of precipitation or dew. This happens during summer.

The summer months in most of the USA lasts from May to September. These five months are the hottest in the year, and you will find that the precipitation is also the least. This makes it easier for the paint to dry and leaves no ugly streaks on the outer walls. The lines usually occur due to excessive precipitation. However, this usually happens if there is a sudden drop in temperature at night. However, if you are painting the exterior walls of your house in peak summer, there is hardly any chance of the temperature falling below average at night.

According to expert painters associated with a company that does exterior painting near Baltimore, MD, you will find that during summer, the temperature and weather are perfect for oil- and water-based paints. In the case of water-based paints, the dry summer weather makes it easy for the water to evaporate. If the weather remains humid, you will find that the weather takes longer to dry, and the paint itself can become damp.

The summer temperatures in Columbia, Maryland, range from 78°F to 82°F. The lowest temperature during summer rarely goes below 68°F. This makes the summer months perfect for repainting the exterior walls of your home. Experts say starting the repainting project around June or July is best. This will give you sufficient time to remove the original layer of paint and repaint your house’s exterior walls.

Should it be very hot when repainting your home’s exterior walls?

Most homeowners need help to evaluate whether it is best to start repainting their homes in the peak of summer. The primary reason for this is when it is scorching outside, is it healthy for the painters to work in the sweltering heat? Moreover, is it good if the paint dries too fast? Here is how you should evaluate whether you should paint the exterior walls of your home if it is scalding:

  • If you live in a region with a heat wave-like situation, waiting until the weather improves and there is cloud cover is best. The primary reason for this is heat waves can make it very difficult for people to work outside. The sweltering heat and the sun’s direct rays will make working out in the sun brutal.
  • When you give the project of repainting your home to an exterior painting company near Baltimore, MD, the personnel working on the project will first peel off the existing layer of paint. They will also pressure wash the walls to remove dirt and lose paint. This works best when the weather is moderate and not extremely hot. You will find that the workers can quickly identify the damages in the wall if the weather is bright and sunny and not extremely hot and uncomfortable. They can then repair these parts before they can start applying the layers of paint.
  • Even when you start painting the exterior walls of your home during the summer months, it is essential to check the weather reports. If the weather becomes scorching and dry, avoiding repainting your home on those days is best. You will find that if the paint dries too fast, there will be clumps of color left on the exterior walls instead of smooth strokes. Thus, you must check whether the weather is moderate and if you will have a soft breeze in the upcoming days. This will make it easier for you to complete painting the exterior walls quickly, and the paint will also get sufficient time to dry.

If you go by the rule of thumb, you will find that summer is the best month to paint the exterior walls of your home. However, even during summer, you must select specific days to complete the work smoothly. One of the easiest ways to keep track of the best days to paint the exterior walls would be to check the weather reports and select the days when the weather will be moderate. You can be assured that you will have a stiff breeze and no cloud cover on such a day. This will make it easier for you to power wash the walls, let them dry, and repaint them.

Do you need to prepare the exterior walls of your house before painting?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you must prepare the exterior walls of your house before you can paint these. This is one of the primary reasons you should refrain from painting the exterior walls of your home during the rainy or winter season. For example, one of the critical steps during the preparatory steps is that all the walls of your house must be power washed to remove any sign of dirt and grime. Now if you try to repaint the exterior of your home during the rains or snowfall, then the power wash will become quite useless.

Preparing the surface of the walls is an essential part of the entire process, and if you do it during the rainy season, it will become dirty again due to the strong gusts of wind and rainwater. During winter, the snow will also cause similar damage. Hence, it is best to repaint your house’s exterior during summer, as preparing the walls becomes more manageable. The power wash will be effective as it can remove all the dust and grime in a single wash. According to experts offering exterior painting near Baltimore, MD, some of the other steps that you must follow to prepare the exterior walls of your house for painting are as follows:

  • Removing contaminants from the walls: Another aspect of preparing the walls for a fresh layer of paint would be to remove the contaminants. In most places, you will find mold and mildew on the walls that you must remove before painting. Removing the mold and mildew must be done when the weather is dry because you must identify the exact location of the growth and scrape these off the walls. If the weather is humid and cloudy, you will miss out on the gaps of the crevices on the walls where mold and mildew tend to grow. Hence, even to prepare the exterior walls of your house for a fresh coat of paint, you must choose the summer season.
  • Repairing the exterior walls: Sometimes, it is essential to make minor repairs to your home’s exterior walls so that the paint adheres well to the walls. You might find dents and gaps when scraping off the older paint and sanding the wall. You might even break or damage some wooden walls while scraping off the paint. In such a scenario, you must apply sealant and primer to make the necessary repairs. It would help if you left these so that the sealant and the primer can dry off before you can sand the wall and smoothen the surface. All this work best when the weather is dry. Thus, here too, you will find that it is best to wait for the summer season to prepare the walls for

Preparing the exterior walls for a fresh coat of paint is as important as painting the walls. If you repaint the walls without cleaning, repairing, and sanding them properly, you will find the new coat of paint peeling off them. Moreover, the color will not adhere to the walls properly, and you will find that, in the long run, streaks appear in the paint. If you want the color to be smooth and the walls to have a clean appearance, you must first prepare the walls and then apply the paint. Besides, you should begin the entire process in summer and ensure it is completed in the same season. This will ensure that the painting of the exterior walls of your house stays for a more extended period.

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